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Hey everybody! Empty Hey everybody!

Post by DRA6N on Sun May 26, 2013 9:03 pm

Well I figured it would be time to finally join the forum after all this time haha. I originally started this group in late 2011 and we didn't have many members, looking back on it now we have a MASSIVE community and I am grateful for all of you that contributed to the growth of our family.

Enough about you, let's hear about me Laughing

My name is Rob. Im in the USAF and currently stationed in Korea. Im from tucson though. After korea I am getting stationed in Phx in November, so I'll be able to come down for meetups! I started vaping early April or so of 2011. My brother got me into ecigs. I started much longer before that with "blu cigs" and they were crap and that didnt last all of 2 weeks. My world of ecigs and vaping began like this.

[Brother pulls out USB passthrough]
Me: What the hell is that??
Bro: Its an electronic cigarette
Me: Oh, I've used those. I had a blu cig.. . ecigs don't work for crap and they are a total scam...
Bro: Try this and tell me that.
[Brother hands me his ecig, I take a couple puffs of Havana Gold (cigar flavor)]
[My mind = BLOWN]

the next day I bought a slew of juices and my first ego kit. Since then I've learned how to build my own mods, hosted shows on numerous online Vape TV networks, and started my own mini-company selling ecigs an hopefully to make juice.

So... thats my story so far..


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Hey everybody! Empty Re: Hey everybody!

Post by Stew5150 on Mon May 27, 2013 11:45 am

Welcome to the forums Rob!

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Hey everybody! Empty Re: Hey everybody!

Post by PKJ on Mon May 27, 2013 12:16 pm

Good to see you on the forum, Rob. Welcome

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Hey everybody! Empty Re: Hey everybody!

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